Explore: Whytecliff and Lynn Canyon Park

Before visiting these places, I try to review some shots that have been taken by other photographers. This helps me to capture something that has not been done yet, or at least I think is cool:)

By the way, I was in the Lynn Canyon Park for only 20 minutes so I couldn't get too many shots.

Mohsen Namjoo Concert - July 2nd - Vancouver, BC

When I was sixteen, one of my teachers used to tell us stories about performance poetry and their band, Manfi Telefoos. I remember he couldn't finish his lecture without mentioning Namjoo and Abdi at least once. Now after six years, everything has changed in my life and here I am shooting his concert. I have always been fascinated and amazed by the effect of little incidents on my life. One thing leads to another and the bad news is that you don't have any control over most of these annoying things.

- Shooting for Caravan World Rhythms Events at the Centennial Theatre.

Germany Vs. Italy Euro 2016   

Germany Vs. Italy Euro 2016