Explore: kelowna to Osoyoos

Right now, I'm kinda exhausted and I don't have much to say. I'm writing this just because one of my friends told me that you should write a description for your albums if you want them to be easily found by search engines. Whatever.

Explore: Victoria, BC

We stayed there for two days and pretty much spent the whole time finding restaurants. If you are a fan of Italian food, make sure to check out Pagliacci's on Broad St. Overall, it was quite similar to Vancouver, which is not a flattering trait to have when it comes to tourism.


Explore: Whytecliff and Lynn Canyon Park

Before visiting these places, I try to review some shots that have been taken by other photographers. This helps me to capture something that has not been done yet, or at least I think is cool:)

By the way, I was in the Lynn Canyon Park for only 20 minutes so I couldn't get too many shots.