How to Run a Social Media Campaign for a Local Election?

Online Presence Package for a Local Politician

I'm honored to announce that I'll be documenting Mehdi Russel's journey as an MLA candidate for West Vancouver-Capilano. I also picked up the role of managing his online presence and here is how I am planning to approach it:

Since, in comparison to his competitive, he is a pretty young candidate our main goal is to raise as much awareness as possible in the community. I believe that Facebook is the best place to do so right now because its ads are underpriced and can be targeted to those who can potentially vote for Mehdi. Anyone with just a little experience can figure this out that promoting a blog post won't get you what you want. So, I decided to create a series of meaningful videos to be published as our ads to get more donations and voters.

One other tactic that I am planning to use throughout this campaign is to create one short video after each event just to show people that how engaged he is in the community. However, the focal point of these videos would the event itself and not our candidate so that people would be more willing to share our videos and this creates more organic reach for our campaign which is exactly what we want.

Just a simple and short video to get more volunteers involved:


In addition to that, I am also taking photographs of each and every event that he attends because I am determined to post at least one photo a day on his Instagram account to keep the engagement level on consistently.